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10 Things to do in Lincoln before you die

To do: Whether you live in Lincoln, or you’re just visiting, we picked 10 great city experiences everyone should try.

Whether you live in Lincoln, or you’re just visiting, the city packs some spectacular treats. We picked 10 great experiences everyone should try in Lincoln:

Tackle Steep Hill

The name of this creatively labelled incline makes no attempt to conceal the level of endurance required to scale it. However, whether you’re embarking on a leisurely amble or an ambitious dash to the top, this cobbled trail, lined with history, is well worth the perspiration. Climb, conquer and collapse.

— Price: Free

Climb the Lincoln Cathedral

Sitting proudly on Lincoln’s skyline, it’s easy to see why the cathedral is the city’s most remarkable architectural achievement. Over the course of its long life, fires and earthquakes have caused some hefty damage to the building, but successful restoration has proved that you just can’t keep a good cathedral down. If you’re not shy of 338 steps, try a tower tour of Lincoln Cathedral for some sensational sights.

— Tower tour price: £5

Spot the Imp

The Lincoln Cathedral is also home to the Lincoln Imp, who was sent by the devil to stir up trouble. Angels soon put a stop to the mischief and mayhem by immortalising the cheeky gremlin in stone, paving the way for his future role as mascot of Lincoln City Football Club. Or so we’ve heard. Spoiler: head for the Angel Choir.

— Floor tour price: £5

Visit the Magna Carta

Within the impenetrable stone walls of Lincoln Castle lies one of only four remaining original copies of the Magna Carta — a symbol for the first time the people of England were granted rights against an absolute king. Definitely worth a gander!

— Castle entry ticket: £6

Brave the Ghost walk

If you find yourself at a loose end one evening in Castle Square, why not give yourself a good scaring on Lincoln’s original Ghost Walk? The fright fest runs every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7pm from the Tourist Information Centre. Also available in medieval.

— Price: £4

Get crafty at the Christmas Market

If you are in Lincoln in early December, you could swing by the annual Christmas Market. With over 250 stalls and up to 100,000 visitors each year, this is no small affair. Embrace the merriment with a mug of mulled wine.

— There’s something for every budget at the Christmas Market

People/bird watch by Brayford Pool

Swan and man exist in perfect harmony here, as dry land gives way to the picturesque Brayford Pool. On a sunny day there’s no better place to spend a lazy afternoon, gazing out across the water with a beverage in hand. Enjoy!

— Wide variety of restaurants and bars to choose from

Feed the ducks at Hartsholme Country Park

This delightful spot of greenery provides a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Wander the woods, unwind by the lakes or frolic in the fields.

— Price: Free

Sample a Lincolnshire sausage

Perhaps the most important ‘to do’ to check off your list before checking out, concerns the legendary Lincolnshire Sausage. Ideally, this patriotic banger is to be enjoyed at the top of the cathedral, wrapped in a Lincolnshire flag, whilst taking in the spectacular view of the city below.

— Lincolnshire sausage bap: from £3

Visit the Usher Art Gallery

Whether you’re after some serious culture or just a pretty place to rest, The Usher Gallery, set in stunning surroundings, boasts some brilliant collections of fine art. Entry is free to all, so suspicious loitering outside can be avoided.

— Entry: Free

Want even more? Here are two extra suggestions:

Take a trip to Daisy Made Farm

Take a road trip to Daisy Made Farm to satisfy the child within. The homemade ice cream won’t disappoint and the drive through facility means that your cravings can be gratified without leaving the comfort of your car.

— Ice cream: from £1

See the Red Arrows

While the Red Arrows are forever tearing across the sky to various international shows and exhibitions, catching a glimpse of them above their home turf is always a treat. See them in full swing at this year’s Waddington Air Show running July 2-3.

— Ticket price: £20