May 27, 2011 3.39 pm This story is over 134 months old

Lincoln-based company on BBC Watchdog

Watchdog: The TV show alleges a Lincoln company is attempting to sell consumers Dyson parts they do not need.

Lincoln-based company ASG Midlands Limited, which repairs and services Dyson vacuum cleaners, was on the BBC programme Watchdog.

The actions of the company came under scrutiny of the television programme on Thursday, May 26.

The show described ASG Midlands and similar companies as companies that cold call people to have their Dyson’s serviced in their homes. They are also independent from Dyson.

The programme alleged the company gets customers interested by attempting to sell them parts, they either do not need or could make their Dyson products warranty void.

To show ASG Midlands Limited at work, the programme mocked up a situation where they invited a representative from the company to look at a Dyson vacuum to which the Watchdog expert said all it needed was a wash and no new parts.

However, the representative recommended that the vacuum cleaner needed new brushes and a new motor filter, otherwise it could overheat and eventually “the motor blows up”.

Watchdog included a statement from ASG Midlands Ltd which said they “have no reason to believe their recommendations were unnecessary or inappropriate. In their experience most Dyson owners never wash the filters.”

The show said that ASG Midlands dispute Watchdog’s findings and that their staff are trained to give information that will improve performance and the machine’s life and say that their customers are “delighted” with their service.

Source: BBC Watchdog