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Lincoln Labour takes City Hall by storm

They’re back: Labour will be back in power at the City Council, after four years in opposition.

Back in power: Lincoln Labour leader Ric Metcalfe at the local elections voting count.

Labour will be back in power at the City if Lincoln Council after gaining majority seats at the local elections on May 5.

After more than 25 years of running the council, Labour lost majority in 2007 to Conservatives, and ever since were struggling to get back in power.

Last year they were close to regaining control, but a hung council meant that Labour had 16 councillors, Conservatives 16 and one Liberal Democrat.

Conservatives held on to the helm at the City Council through 2010 with Lib Dem Councillor Helen Heath giving Conservatives the ruling mandate.

But after May 5, 2011, things have changed. In the local elections on Thursday Labour won eight positions and Conservatives only five.

This means Labour are back in control of the City Council with a total of 17 councillors, while the Conservatives have 15.

Getting back in power was not easy for Labour. Just 101 extra votes in the Glebe ward for Labour’s Patrick Vaughan were enough to topple the balance of power.

Not impressed: Conservative City Council Leader Darren Grice hearing of Labour’s gains.

In Abbey ward, Labour’s Fay Smith was re-elected with 1,052 votes.

In Birchwood, the winner was Conservative Eddie Strengiel with 847 votes.

In Boultham, Labour’s Gary Trevor Hewson was re-elected with 1,196 votes.

In Bracebridge, Conservative Darren Grice was re-elected with 1,134 votes.

In Carholme, Labour’s Neil Murray was re-elected with 1,248 votes.

In Castle, Labour won with 1,088 votes for Donald Nannestad.

In Glebe, Labour’s Patrick Vaughan won with 832 votes.

In Hartsholme, Conservative Ronald Hills was re-elected with 1,107 votes.

In Minster, Conservative David Gratrick was re-elected with 1,018 votes.

In Moorland, Labour’s Bob Bushell was re-elected with 962 votes.

In Park, Labour’s Chris Burke won with 848 votes.

The overall turnout this year was 36.43%, almost half of what was measured in last year’s local and national elections, but still slightly higher than in previous years.

Lincoln Labour leader Ric Metcalfe talks of the results.

Hat tip to BBC Lincolnshire’s Sharon Edwards for allowing us to join her interview.

Conservative Council Leader Darren Grice says he is disappointed with the results.

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