June 18, 2011 10.04 am This story is over 156 months old

Late night sandwich store to open

Subs Station: A new sandwich store located on Flaxengate is set to target late-night healthy eaters in the city centre.

A new sandwich store located on Flaxengate is set to open Friday, June 24.

The outlet, called Subs Station, will focus on providing healthy sub-style sandwiches. The store may open early for a couple of trial days before its official opening.

A submarine sandwich, also known as a sub among other names, is a sandwich that consists of an oblong roll of Italian or French bread, split lengthwise into two pieces.

The renovation of the unit cost £15,000 and the shop will provide seating inside, with the option to take away.

Subs Station will be open for the breakfast, lunchtime and dinner trade, with it also facilitating late night custom by adopting a 4am closing time.

Mark West started the project for his daughter Stephanie West, who is currently studying a business course at college, to own and run.

He said: “The outlet is situated very well for custom. With Access to Music opposite and Lincoln College a short distance away, it will be a nice alternative to buying lunch in the nearby supermarkets.

“As the store will be open very late, it can hopefully attract people who fancy a healthier option after going out at night. It will help cater for those who do not want a kebab and chips.

“We are on Ritzy’s doorstep so we should get a lot of attention late at night. I wish my daughter the best of luck with running her new business.”