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Top 10 Lincoln Twitter users for 2011

Twitteriffic: Are you on Twitter? Check out the top 10 locals you should start following today.

Are you a Twitter user in Lincoln?

We’ve compiled a list of some top Twitter users in Lincoln for you to follow. Our list is by no means exhaustive and our methodology is certainly not scientific, but these users stand out from the Lincoln tweeting crowd.

The list was decided using a number of factors. Websites like TwitterGrader and Klout rank Twitter users, giving an idea of influence and reach. We also considered follower counts and went by users visible to us at The Lincolnite.

Information in the list, particularly follower count, is fluid and changes rapidly. This list is accurate at the time of writing.

We asked each user to answer these three questions:

1. What do you use Twitter for?

2. What’s your top tip for Twitter newbies?

3. Who is you favourite Twitter user?

In ascending follower count order…

The Lincolnite‘s 2011 Top Ten Lincoln Twitter users


Followers: 718
Listed: 49
Joined Twitter: 09/05/2010

Twitter bio: Commercial Manager @TheEnergyCell Design Agency, Social Media Guy for @LincBizClub | Co-Founder @LincUpLive & member of @YoungEnterprise Lincs Board

1.  To build up both the business brand and also my own personal brand, engaging with contacts new and old plus sharing knowledge.

2.  Treat Twitter as you would any other social situation so be human, engage and keep an open mind. If in doubt seek advice.

3. That’s tough as I’ve made loads of great contacts and friends but as a top resource who also engages I like @MarketingDonut.


Followers: 757
Listed: 47
Joined Twitter: 22/02/2009

Twitter bio: Lincoln City, non-league, Indie, 60s Garage, Northern Soul, web design, social media, vinyl records, gardening, Guinness. Work – @JGJ_JohnD if you fancy!

1. To learn, help, converse and hopefully meet some great people.

2. Just be yourself, be courteous, help when you can, and never drink and tweet!

3. My favourite tweeter is @Rowetta


Followers: 929
Listed: 45
Joined Twitter: 26/08/2007

Twitter bio: I live in Lincoln, UK. I mainly tweet about things beginning with ‘e’: education, energy, environment, economics, the end of growth, and, er, music.

1. Finding and sharing information. And engaging in conversation. But not arguments; you can’t argue in 140 characters.

2. Tweet regularly, but pace yourself. No one likes a spammer. Don’t just broadcast. You don’t have to follow everyone back.

3. Difficult to choose just one, but I’ve followed @jimrhiz for over a year and he’s never let me down.


Followers: 1,161
Listed: 82
Joined Twitter: 28/01/2008

Twitter bio: Web div, VJ, MT Biker, Rock Climber, celtic artist, mime, poet | Technology Manager & Lead Dev. for @RealWire

1. To share nuggets of info I stumble across, to connect with folks and discover.

2. Contribute (what enthuses you), engage (have conversation).

3. @Queen_uk because she rocks Britannia.


Followers: 1,263
Listed: 205
Joined Twitter: 21/04/2008

Twitter bio: I design stuff & take photos. Self destructive. Lover of coffee, cats & cameras.

1. Sharing my photos from Flickr, shouting aimlessly at idiots and sharing a mixture of sporadic hatred and fairly general thoughts with no-one in particular.

2. If you don’t get it, don’t do it (There is nothing to get).

3. At the moment probably @AnyForty, an awesome street wear brand that collaborates with artists around the world to create some really sick products. It’s run by my good friend @alanwardle and I’ve been lucky enough to get involved on the photography side this year.


Followers: 1,434
Listed: 78
Joined Twitter: 17/05/2008

Twitter bio: Liver of life, father of four, CTO and co-founder of Timico, writer, www.philosopherontap.com

1. Networking and self publicity.

2. No business sales pitches or “advice” to others.

3. Haven’t got a favourite. I do have a number of like-minded people I regularly engage with. Twitter is just like real life.  There are some people you gel with and some people you put up with. I find that when I eventually meet someone I have built up a relationship with via Twitter it is very easy to get on with them in real life.


Followers: 1,651
Listed: 75
Joined Twitter: 23/06/2008

Twitter bio: BBC Lincolnshire presenter, father of two and my wife says I’m a geek. On air weekdays from 4pm with Drivetime. 94.9FM or online bbc.co.uk/lincolnshire

1. Interacting with listeners and potential listeners. Picking up info about what’s happening.

2. Lists.

3. Many for different reasons but @dianainheaven sometimes makes me laugh out loud!


Followers: 5,331
Listed: 463
Joined Twitter: 10/03/2009

Twitter bio: Journalist since pre-internet. Professional tweeter, social media & live event specialist. Creative, innovative & bold. Cut me and I bleed content.

1. Everything except opening cans – although I bet you can do that with it too!

2. Shut up and listen.

3. Whoever has just made me laugh, sigh, play a song, read an article or just think.


Followers: 9,025
Listed: 1,137
Joined Twitter: 25/03/2008

Twitter bio: I’m a designer who builds things on the internet and travels around the world with a camera. I write books, speak at events and work on the WordPress UI Team.

1. I’m an entrepreneur who uses Twitter primarily for networking. It’s my number one source of new business leads, which in turn make up around 90% of my revenue.

2. Follow people who are interested in the same things as you. Twitter is great for niche communities and you’ll quickly find a huge number of people who are interested in the same sorts of things as you. There’s a great saying that Facebook is for people who you know but don’t like, and Twitter is for people who like, but don’t know.

3. Everyone’s favourite Twitter user will vary depending on their interests and who they follow. My favourite is probably @OllieRead, a talented web developer with a warped sense of humour which never fails to brighten my day.


Followers: 22,754
Listed: 832
Joined Twitter: 22/05/2009

Twitter bio: Mummy, photographic designer, tea drinker, red lipstick-wearer, 100% organic and made in Lincolnshire. Also to be found on @VisitLincoln.

1. To share, encourage, support and engage with friends from around the globe .. both near and far!

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for guidance! Often the tweeters with huge numbers of followers are the most selfless and helpful.

3. Without a doubt @paul_steele. Generous, helpful and 100% genuine to a fault, despite his enormous global success.

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