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Voice of Lincoln: Olympics tickets ahoy?

Olympic lottery: We asked whether Lincolnites will be watching the games and how they feel about the application process.

Those who applied for London 2012 Olympics tickets are beginning to discover whether or not their bids have been successful. We asked people in Lincoln whether they will be watching the games and how they feel about the arguably complicated application process.

Saffron Hopkinson

Saffron Hopkinson (22) Lincoln, photography student

“To be honest [the Olympics] haven’t really been a big issue for people I know. I’ve heard about it on the news because a lot of people have been disappointed. I’m torn; I think it’s a nice thing because it’s the Olympics and everyone gets behind it, but I think it’s a lot of money. We are in a recession and to be spending all of that money on games, I think it could be spent elsewhere.

“I’ll probably watch a bit of it but not a lot. I’m not too interested.”

Angela Child

Angela Child (66) Welton, retired

“We didn’t go for tickets, my daughter did but I haven’t heard whether they’ve been successful or not. It does seem a very complicated business. The amount of money that’s being spent on them does worry me but it is bringing jobs to the area and we need jobs. It’s swings and roundabouts. We’ll probably watch on television.”

Perez Muge

Perez Muge (38) Lincoln

“I don’t know much about the tickets but I think that the Olympics coming to London is the best thing, it’s brilliant. I will be watching everything. I don’t really like sports but I like it when it’s the Olympics. It’s a big thing. I’ve got cousins down in London who are definitely going.”

David Paulson

David Paulson (61) North Hykeham, general assistant at Minster School

“I don’t know anyone personally [with tickets]. I can’t think of a better system. We tend to make a mess of most things. We’re not the most organised nation, we never have been.

“I remember with the 1966 World Cup and tickets were hard to come by. I went to the 1968 European Cup Final and I when tried to get tickets, openly I couldn’t get one. I got them through the back door. I think with our system there’ll be more backdoor tickets. They won’t [control] it.

“I think [the Olympics] is great for the country, although I wonder how much it will end up costing us. We seem to be in a bad way at the moment and yet there’s all this money being spent. It could generate a lot of income, we don’t know. [The Olympics] could turn out to be very profitable; then again we could end up paying it for the next 20 years.”

Chris Sizer

Chris Sizer (26) Lincoln

“I don’t know anyone who has applied. I’d like to go, but the selection process and the cost [put me off]. I’m not too sure about the process but I know it’s selective and I think it should be a lot easier than that.

“I’ll probably watch. I think [the London Olympics] are good for the economy and good for the UK. It’s a shame we didn’t get the World Cup.”

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