June 24, 2011 10.51 am This story is over 152 months old

What did you do at Lincolnshire Show 2011?

County fun: We talk with people at Lincolnshire Show 2011 about what they have been up to at the county’s traditional show.

— With additional reporting from Chelsea Buckthorp

The latest instalment of our weekly Voice of Lincoln feature went along to the 2011 Lincolnshire Show to see what people were up to:

Marc Rhodes

Marc Rhodes (23) Lincoln, Events Officer at Lincolnshire Sports Partnership

“It’s been a really good day for everyone so far. I’d say the zorb balls have gone down the best; the kids are loving it. There has been a queue constantly for the two days. I’m going to have a go on the wheelchair basketball myself and then I’m going to hit the food court.”


Dawn Walker (left), Alison Overton, Ann Horner

Dawn Walker (47) Scunthorpe, Optical assistant

“It’s very good, we come every year. The weather’s not brilliant but it’s okay as long as you come prepared for it. My favourites are the animals. We’ve watched the cattle being displayed and judged, which was brilliant. Then we had a little walk around the sheep.

“We watched the pig racing; that was quite funny. We’ve just got chickens at home, so we’ve been to the chicken people to check on those. I bought them some little treats. Because we’ve got animals it’s really handy to come because they sell so many new products.”

Andrew Huckett

Andrew Huckett (26) Lincoln, Representative for Pieroth Ltd

“It’s fantastic; it’s the best show I’ve ever been to and I go to every one. People are very receptive. Pieroth has been going for about 254 years and we’ve been in the UK for 50 years. We cover all of Lincoln, Horncastle, Louth, Skegness.

“I don’t have too much chance to get around the show myself. I really wanted to see ‘Atrocity’ [at the Lincs FM stage]. I can’t really sum up the show, it’s too great.”


Lottie Bacon

Lottie Bacon (8) Lincoln, school student

“[My favourite] was the dogs. They went to the arena and they were showing how they hunt.”


Henry Foreman

Henry Foreman (20) Lincoln, student

“We’ve spent a lot of time in the Tom Woods tent and we’ve done a bit of shopping as well. We watched some pig racing which was good fun. That was my highlight actually. You get teddy bears and strap them to the back of some pigs and have them race from one end to the other.”

Hayley Cook (23) Lincoln, Communications Officer at Lincolnshire Sports Partnership

Hayley Cook

“All of the sports at the show have been organised by the Lincolnshire Sports Partnership, and they’ve all come together today, so it’s going really well.

“We’re doing the bikeathon from Lincolnshire to London. We’re trying to bike 270 miles over the two days to raise money for the Lincolnshire Elite Athlete Program. It’s for all of the talent in Lincolnshire. A lot from Lincoln are really striving to be at the 2012 Olympics or Paralympic games.

“I think wheelchair basketball is always good. The cricket factory is back again for the 3rd year. It’s all about just having a go.”

Juliet Raphael

Juliet Raphael (14) Lincoln, school student

“We’ve been watching the show jumping. That’s my favourite. That was really good.”


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