July 4, 2011 3.38 pm This story is over 129 months old

Anger grows over Odeon Lincoln price hike

Public outcry: People have started campaigning on Facebook to try and reverse Odeon Lincoln’s ticket price hike.

Emily Overton, a discontent Odeon customer, gives the thumbs down to the Lincoln cinema

More than 1,000 locals have joined a campaign claiming Odeon Lincoln’s recently hiked £9 ticket prices are ‘a rip off’ at £3.68 higher than the regional average.

As previously reported, the Odeon in Lincoln is the most expensive of the chain’s cinemas across the UK, except London and the home counties.

A night out for two at the Odeon in Lincoln can rack up a bill of £27.65, including two standard evening screening tickets (£18), parking at Lucy Tower Car Park (£2.20) and the cheapest drink and popcorn combo (£7.45).

For a 3D movie night out for two, the price goes as high as £33.65, which also includes a £2 3D premium fee for each ticket, and £1 for each pair of 3D glasses.

The Facebook page Odeon Lincoln is a Rip Off now £9 per ticket had more than 1,150 members at the time of writing.

Ben Ward, one of the administrators of the page, told The Lincolnite “we are really aiming to get the price hike reversed, or for the cause to be noticed enough for a rival, cheaper, company to come in (such as Cineworld, with their unlimited offers).

“At the very least, we are hoping to get a statement from the Odeon defending this increase with a valid reason behind it,” Ward added.

Odeon spokesperson Danielle Wilson told The Lincolnite: “Odeon is aware of the strong feeling surrounding ticket prices in the area and we take all guest feedback seriously.

“Whilst ticket prices fluctuate across the country, to provide our guests with value for money we offer a number of promotional discounts and rewards.

“These include the Odeon Premiere Club card, which allows guests to earn points with every visit.

“The points can be redeemed for discounts on film tickets and snacks and cardholders can also benefit from 25% off ticket prices every Tuesday,” Wilson said in the email statement.

Odeon’s claimed value for money is not something the Facebook campaigners agree to, Ben Ward explained:

“I used to be a frequent visitor to the Odeon, but the general lack of support for anything other than huge blockbusters and the rising prices have meant that I’m more selective as to what I see, and now I’ll only go on a Wednesday as part of a group, or I drive to the Kinema in the Woods, which is better for all concerned.

“The decision to axe the Director’s Chair ‘club’ on a Tuesday was a bad omen, as it meant that smaller films had less of a chance to get screened,” Ward added.

A poll on The Lincolnite showed that 95% of respondents said Odeon Lincoln’s tickets are overpriced at £9, with only 5% thinking otherwise.

A petition to lower Odeon Lincoln prices set up by the Facebook campaigners had 176 signatures, and 45 followers on Twitter.