July 5, 2011 2.28 pm This story is over 150 months old

Art website to open shop in Lincoln

Art shop: A quirky art prints and cards shop will be opening on the High Street later this month.

A web-based art dealer called Art To Love is set to open a store not far from Lincoln’ city centre.

The new shop, which is located on High Street, was previously owned by The Accounts Software Centre (pictured).

The website specialises in selling original art, cards and prints from 12 artists and its shop is scheduled to open July 30.

There will be a grand opening night too, which is set to take place on the opening day.

An example of Art to Love's merchandise.

Manager of Art To Love, Mark Cotton said: “In essence, we began by having a website built and buying art that we liked, which we thought people would love.

“There is no real style of Art that we buy, only what we think is special.

“We didn’t have a specific target audience in mind on the website and were intending on remaining an online only store however, in 2011 plans came together to develop an existing property owned by one of the partners to open it as a shop.

“Viewing online is not the same as seeing something beautiful in the flesh hung on the wall in front of you so naturally we wanted to open a gallery where you can truly appreciate what we sell and picture it in your own house.

“We have been working on the property for a couple of months with assistance from friends and are almost ready to open with some minor things to finish off such as the signage and promotion work to do.”

You can get a feel for what will be in the shop and buy items on the website.

Photos: Art To Love