July 1, 2011 3.36 pm This story is over 152 months old

New £40m reservoir to serve Lincoln

Waterworks: A new reservoir to serve an expanding Lincoln has been unveiled.

Lincoln and the surrounding areas will be getting a new reservoir and water treatment system to keep up with the increasing demand for water in the city.

Under the Anglian Water scheme, the reservoir would be situated west of the A1133, near Newton-on-Trent, and cost around £40 million.

Water would be taken from the River Trent, and stored and treated on site. Plans also include a pumping station and underground pipelines.

The works are being built by Newton-on-Trent due to the lack of flooding risk in the area, as well as being able to connect to existing water mains.

Locals are being invited to view the plans at St Peter’s Church in Newton-on-Trent on July 4 and voice any opinions to Anglian Water.

Media Manager for Anglian Water John Clare said: “This scheme is our response to the challenge of keeping the taps in Lincoln running in the face of a growing population.

“The reservoir would be able to store as much water as 100 Olympic-sized swimming pools and the works would be able to supply 20 megalitres of treated water a day.

“We have looked at getting the water from elsewhere, including the Foss Dyke, the River Witham and groundwater sources, as well as using pipelines to transfer water from other treatment works and reservoirs.

“None of them proved suitable and really, to get the volume of water we need, the Trent looks like the only option.”

The announcement of the project comes just before Lincoln celebrates the 100th anniversary of a clean, safe drinking water for the city.

Clare adds: “Given this year’s anniversary, it’s fitting that we should now be talking about how we make sure the city continues to have enough water to meet its needs.

“What’s also important is that our plans are seen and discussed by the people who would live near to the proposed works.

“That’s why we are holding this exhibition on Monday and I would urge anyone with an interest in the scheme to come and visit.”

Source: Anglian Water | Photo: Ryan Morrison