July 8, 2011 11.03 am This story is over 152 months old

Voice of Lincoln: Late night launch party

Late night shopping: The Lincolnite asks residents what they felt about the first late-night event.

On July 7, Lincs FM kicked off Lincoln’s late night shopping Thursdays with some live performances on the High Street. The Lincolnite asked the people of Lincoln what they think of the new opening hours.

Jenny Constable

Jenny Constable, 22, Oasis

“It’s the first one so I don’t think that many people know about it yet. But having said that, we have had a few people in and it’s only the first one; I think it’s only going to get busier as time goes on.”


Karen Mumby

Karen Mumby, 48, Shopper

“I much prefer it. I work late so it means I get chance to get into town without the hustle and bustle of Saturdays. I work in Sleaford so it is much more convenient for me. Hopefully, it will benefit all of the shops that are staying open too.”


Alice Trout

Alice Trout, 16, Shopper

“It’s good. I’m glad everywhere is open later, it feels less rushed. I like that Lincs FM are here, I think it’s brilliant, it makes it more fun, and generally more enjoyable!”


Richard Espin

Richard Espin, 20, Specsavers

“It has been a little bit quiet. I think maybe we need a little bit more awareness about the opening times. Having said that, we’ve had a few people in who have found the evenings quite useful; to be able to come in after work has been great for them and it’s always nice to have your weekends free.”


James Ocwell

James Ockwell, 24, Shopper

“It’s actually my girlfriend’s birthday tomorrow and I’m getting her a present. Working the hours I do, it hasn’t been easy for me to get into town sooner, so this has all worked out very conveniently for me.”


Andrew Fenneley, 38, Waterstones

Andrew Fenelly

“I think it started quite well. Just after 5.30pm was actually very busy. I think the weather has affected things today. But I think, like with all of these things, the first one is always a bit experimental. The more people become aware of it, and the ease of being able to shop in the evenings becomes more apparent to people, I think they will become progressively busier.

“There has been an awful lot of good publicity for it but I think what we need to do, going forward, is to start advertising it outside of Lincoln as well.”

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