September 6, 2011 11.43 am This story is over 122 months old

Lincoln Cathedral trespassers take stunning rooftop photos

Rooftopping: Trespassers climb cathedral scaffolding at night to take photos of Lincoln.

Two self-titled urban explorers have trespassed at night onto Lincoln Cathedral to take adrenaline-fuelled rooftop photographs of Lincoln.

The men go by the nicknames of Forsaken and Horus and posted photos of their climb on cathedral scaffolding on the Urban Explorations Forum.

Lincoln Cathedral came to their attention after watching the episode of Top Gear featuring the city in July.

“Unbeknown to us was how long ago the [Top Gear] film was made and whether the scaffolding would still be in situ,” one of the men explained his adventure on the forum.

“The cathedral was high priority and we made the journey south the following weekend. Up close and personal, the scaffolding remained and a plan was devised.

“With a break in traffic, we climbed past the CCTV adorning the hoardings and ventured upwards out of sight.”

The pair also went inside Lincoln Cathedral in one of their two trips to the city during August:

“Heading down the turrets spiral staircase in darkness, we were inside the cathedral and it was eerily quiet.

“With the door to the Nave locked, Horus caught some sleep and three hours later we headed out to be met with dawn breaking over Lincoln.”

Lincolnshire Police spokesman James Newall told The Lincolnite: “We have not received a complaint about this issue and as there does not appear to be any criminal intent, this is more likely to be a case of civil trespass and not a police matter.”

— Later update: Phil Hamlyn Williams, Chief Executive of Lincoln Cathedral, said: “Entry to the cathedral was most likely affected through the intruders climbing the south-west turret scaffolding before it was complete.

“This was very dangerous and the scaffolding has since been secured. We have taken steps to prevent further entry into the building but no damage was reported.

“There was another incident of the scaffold being climbed and this was reported to the police. This again took place before the scaffold was secured.

“We would urge would be trespassers not to risk attempting to climb the scaffolding simply in the interest of their own safety.

“Visitors to the cathedral can enjoy the views shown in the photographs by joining roof tours that are available daily within the normal entry charge.

“We have also placed the panoramic view from St Hugh at the foot of the scaffold where it too can be enjoyed in safety,” Williams added.

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