September 29, 2011 10.02 am This story is over 146 months old

LPAC hosts quirky art symposium

Strange art: Art lovers looking for the unusual should visit the LPAC next month for an interesting exhibition.

The Lincoln Art Programme will put on an eccentric symposium at 2pm on Wednesday, October 12, held at the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre.

The quirky event, titled Tomato Tomäto, is free and open to all.

Attendees will be free to dip into a wide range of demonstrations in an environment that embraces the extraordinary.

Artists from across the UK will showcase some weird and wonderful eccentricities, from mad hat inventing to egg throwing, in a bid to reawaken awareness and affection for the peculiar aspects of life.

Director of Lincoln Art Programme, Amelia Beavis-Harrison, explains what is on offer at the convention:

“You can expect to come and see a simulated volcano in action, pigeons doing back flips, a champion dog, plenty of hats and that’s only the beginning.”

“We aim to bring the oddities in life to Lincoln, exploring not just the frivolous side of life but the forgotten.

“The symposium is open to anyone and we hope that people are able to come and find a certain amount of enjoyment and inspiration from it.”

Tickets are free and available at