November 22, 2011 11.12 am This story is over 128 months old

Lincoln school goes from unsatisfactory to outstanding

Vast improvement: A Lincoln school has jumped from below satisfactory levels to the highest achievable Ofsted grade in three years.

A primary school that was once rated as unsatisfactory by Ofsted has received an excellent mark from the 2010/11 Annual Report.

Hartsholme Primary School was classed as unsatisfactory in 2007, but has since seen a transformation, including a £4.5m investment for equipment under head teacher Carl Jarvis.

It is now one of four schools awarded with the top judgement for the annual report be Ofsted.

Headteacher Carl Jarvis said: “Our ethos is to make excellence the norm, so staff and pupils set themselves high standards.

“Respect, empowerment and belief are the key words behind our success. Staff take real ownership of their lessons and subject areas to really challenge pupils.”

Ofsted noted that when they visited in July, children seemed happy and motivated, and parents were also very pleased with the school under Jarvis.

Jarvis added: “We try to be as innovative as possible and involve the local community. Our Key Stage 2 pupils, aged 7-11, have a ‘world of work’ lesson every Friday afternoon, where they learn about local enterprise.

“They each have a ‘job’, for example, working in the school bank, school allotments and presenting radio and media programmes on the school’s TV and radio stations.

“They also have the chance to experience selling things in places like the local bakery, craft or farm shop, which helps build their confidence.

“We as a school are very proud to have reached outstanding status and to be featured in the Ofsted Annual Report.

“However we are not complacent. If anything, our goal is to keep getting even better and for our pupils to grow and develop even more.”

As well as four schools, 35 childcare providers, two children’s social care providers, two children’s centres and one further education college have been marked outstanding by Ofstead this year.

Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector, Miriam Rosen praised the providers who got outstanding marks.

She said: “Everyone who has contributed towards the delivery of the outstanding services across Lincolnshire deserves our recognition.

“From the visits I make around the country, I know just how much hard work and dedication goes in to delivering the best outcomes for children, young people and learners.

“I hope others will be inspired by these successful providers.”

Source: Ofsted | Photo: Hartsholme Primary School