November 18, 2011 9.58 am This story is over 150 months old

No hour chimes from Cathedral while bell is fixed

Poorly Tom: The Cathedral’s most prestigious bell will be out of action until it is fixed.

While Lincoln Cathedral bells will continue to ring throughout the day, there will be no hour chimes due to Great Tom needing repairs.

Great Tom resides in the central tower of the Cathedral and is the largest bell. It is the only bell to chime the hour.

The five-tonne bell will be out of action for a number of weeks because the leaf springs that protect the hammer are no longer working due to wear and tear.

The Cathedral will continue to do its usual quarter chimes, but will simply not chime the hour until the repairs have been finished.

Phil Hamlyn Williams, Chapter Clerk, said: “We get so used to knowing the time from the sounding of the bell.”

The chimes help tell time to passers-by as the cathedral does not have a clock face.

Photo: Simon Cobb