December 22, 2011 10.22 am This story is over 143 months old

Fire service issue winter home heating advice

Household fires: Warnings for home owners as almost 18 per cent of household fires over the winter months are caused by heating faults and misuse.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue report the winter months are the busiest period of the year for fires caused by household heating.

The authority warns that misused or malfunctioning heating made up almost 18 per cent of accidental household fires in Lincolnshire last winter.

Deputy Community Fire Safety manager, Debbie Robinson, explains how accidents aren’t just from using unsafe methods, like leaving oven doors open and gas hobs to keep warm.

She said: “Safe heating can turn disastrous too, if precautions are’t taken.

“Make sure that you don’t put anything too close to open fires or portable heaters; carefully check electrical cables, plugs, gas pipes and connections; and if you use an open fire or wood burning stove, ensure that you use suitable fuel and have the chimney swept.”

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue offer free home fire safety checks, which can be arranged by calling 01522 582222 and asking for the Community Safety Department or by emailing directly.

Advice for safely heating the home

Here are some tips from Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue for heating your home safely:

  • Turn off extra heaters when you go to bed or leave the house
  • Keep anything flammable away from heaters
  • Get your chimney cleaned if you use an open fire
  • Don’t dry washing on heaters or fire guards
  • Check the condition of heaters
  • Ensure there is good ventilation to avoid carbon monoxide build up
  • Never leave children alone in a room with extra heaters or an open fire
  • Pay attention to the manufacturer’s guidance