February 13, 2012 10.54 am This story is over 141 months old

New scheme to curb Lincoln bike thefts

New campaign: Police are stepping up their attempts to stop bike thefts with various initiatives, as part of a new scheme.

Lincolnshire Police introduced a new scheme to help reduce the number of bicycle thefts in Lincoln, after a recent spike in thefts in the city.

The scheme is set up across west Lincolnshire and will introduce bike passports and encourage marking and microchips to ensure stolen bikes are returned to their owner.

Between April and November 2011, 1,832 bikes were stolen in Lincolnshire, a 14% rise on the same period in 2010.

In Lincoln alone, bicycle theft has seen around a 50% increase in the last three months, compared to the previous year.

Bike are stolen from all kinds of places, from sheds to outside of shops — some thieves can even cut through bike locks to steal the bicycle.

While police have made arrests and recovered hundreds of bikes, a number are still unable to be returned to owners due to lack of information on the bike.

A number of “marking days” will begin on February 13 until 16 as part of the campaign, visiting various parts of the city to warn people of the rise in thefts.

During the campaign, officers and PCSOs will distribute leaflets on crime prevention and bike passports.

The passports allow owners to record details of the bike, such as make, model and frame number, and have space for a photograph.

These passports make it easier for police to match bikes to owners, and are available at police stations and local retailers too.

At the marking days, residents can take their bike along to have a free Immobitag fitted — a chip with a unique code to help police identify the owner.

Owners should also sign up to the website www.immobilise.com.

Current marking dates and locations are listed below. More dates are yet to be confirmed.

  • Boultham Library 2-4pm 13/02/0212
  • Moorland Co-Op 12-2pm 14/02/2012
  • Brant Road shopping centre 2-4pm 14/02/2012
  • Birchwood shopping centre 12-2pm 15/02/2012
  • Sainbsurys Tritton Road 3pm-7pm 16/02/2012
Source: Lincolnshire Police | Photo: Dominic Clark for The Lincolnite