March 16, 2012 8.00 am This story is over 140 months old

New radiology consultant for Lincoln hospital

New doctor: Lincoln County Hospital has hired a new consultant to work within the radiology department.

Patients needing to use the radiology service at Lincoln County Hospital will now be able to benefit from a new consultant.

Radiologist Dr Venkat Sudigali is the newest United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust consultant, and is implementing new strategies within the service.

Dr Sudigali specialises in both children’s imaging and cross-sectional imaging which looks at the human body in sections.

He said: “I am very happy to have joined the team at Lincoln. I get a lot of job satisfaction and am looking forward to developing ultrasound, CT and MRI imaging.

“Children’s imaging is a highly specialised field requiring knowledge and technology that is suitable for imaging in that age group.

“I will be using ultrasound which does not use radiation and is safe for children. We are trying to acquire more specialised ultrasound equipment to this effect.

“In situations where a CT scan is needed, my team members and I are drawing up special protocols to decrease radiation doses.

“For MRI examinations, the younger children require a general anaesthetic and we work alongside our anaesthetic colleagues to get the best quality imaging possible.

“We also work very closely with the radiology departments in other hospitals and I am hoping to offer excellent services to the patients in our region.”

Dr Sudigali studied in India before moving to the UK to peruse a career, and has worked for the NHS for the past 10 years.

After gaining a paediatric qualification, he started studying radiology in Leicester in 2006. He did further specialist paediatric radiology training in Leeds last year before moving to Lincoln.

Source: ULHT