April 23, 2012 4.55 pm This story is over 120 months old

Davina McCall stops off in Lincoln for reunion show

Touching story: The popular presenter travelled to Lincoln as part of a heart-warming tale of reunion.

Davina McCall with co-presenter of the reunion show, Nicky Campbell

TV presenter Davina McCall recently visited and stayed in Lincoln whilst filming a new series of a family reunion show.

She stopped off in the city for an episode of Long Lost Family, which will air on April 26 on ITV, as part of filming for series two.

In the episode, Peter Arundel (58) of West Yorkshire, is reunited with his birth mother Elsie Brockbank from Lincoln.

Davina stayed at The Old Palace and was one of the first guests to visit when it opened in March.

While The Old Palace will feature in the show, the main set for filming will be at the birthplace of Arundel.

Elsie Brockbank gave birth to Peter when she was only 17. She had been dating an American pilot, who said he would marry her.

However, she never saw him again, because it transpired he had a wife and children in America.

Elsie’s parents told her she must either abort the child or stay at a “naughty girls’ home”, where pregnant girls stayed until they had their children.

After giving birth to Peter, Elsie never saw him again, with not even a photo memory.

Elsie Brockbank said: “It’s amazing, I’ve never known anything like it. Giving birth is magic but to be given a second chance is wonderful.

“I’m so pleased it happened here [at the mother and baby home] where he was taken from me and given back to me, it’s completed the circle. I’ve got my family back.”

Regarding the reunion, Davina said: “Peter and his mum Elsie have a five-minute, no speaking hug.

“I kept thinking ‘they’re going to speak soon, they’re going to speak soon’ but they didn’t, they just carried on hugging.”

The Old Palace Manager Sonja Brockman said: “In March we started operating as a hotel offering luxurious accommodation to individuals as well as groups and we were delighted that Davina and the team behind Long Lost Family chose to stay with us while they were filming in the city.”

The episode will air on ITV 1 at 9pm on Thursday, April 26.