April 3, 2012 10.46 am This story is over 139 months old

New app and safe routes for Lincolnshire bikers

iBiker: App and website with safe routes for Lincolnshire bikers aims to reduce the number of road fatalities in the county.

A smartphone app and website with safe routes for bikers are the latest tools used by Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership to reduce the number of road casualties.

Nationally, motorcyclists represent only 1% of road users, but last year they represented more than 23% of Lincolnshire KSI (Killed or Seriously Injured).

Last year saw a small reduction in the fatalities suffered by bikers (3 less than 2010), yet still 10 people died in motorcycle collisions across the county.

Called Operation Octane, the new campaign will also work with neighbouring forces.

The Humberside unmarked Hyabusa will be working with Lincolnshire marked motorcycles on roads to target those bikers who break the speed limits.

The iBikerApp smartphone app for Android (£1.49) and Apple iPhone (£1.49), allows riders to plan routes across the country, and Lincolnshire routes are on the app as well.

The Next Number campaign website is where all the evidence of previous collisions is laid out, and what help is available for bikers in Lincolnshire.

John Siddle, Communications Manager at Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, said: “Operation Stealth will also work within Operation Octane to target high end offenders whose behaviour on the road poses a significant risk to themselves and other road users, these offenders will be put before the courts where the proper penalties can be applied.

“The usual ‘Shiney Side Up’ signs will be in place to draw their attention to the approaching risk of a bend or a junction and the action needed such as checking mirrors.

“Additionally, riders and car drivers will see a selection of ‘bespoke’ signage along the routes with high level of collisions, the ‘number’ on a specific sign denotes the bike collisions on that route.”