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Labour strengthen grip on Lincoln council after lowest turnout in a decade

Labour landslide: Lincoln stays red as Labour wins 10 out of the 11 councillor seats in the local elections.

Labour solidified its control of the City of Lincoln Council after it won 10 out of the 11 seats up for grabs in the May 3 local elections.

Around three in four people did not vote. The overall turnout was 26.8%, the lowest since 2002, when the turnout was 26.2%.

The wards with the biggest turnouts were Minster (32.2%), Boultham (30.3%) and Bracebridge (30.3%). The lowest turnout was in Park (22.5%) and Carholme (23.5%).

The City Council now has 24 Labour councillors, while the Conservatives have 9 seats left after they lost Birchwood, Bracebridge, Castle, Glebe and Minster wards.

Conservatives only held on to Hartsholme as Labour also kept Abbey, Park and Boultham wards.

Of the total votes cast, Labour had 8,823, Conservatives 5,618, UKIP 1,347, Lib Dem 1,197, Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 423 and BNP 49.

The candidates with the most votes in Lincoln were Tony Speakman (Labour) in Carholme ward with 1,042 votes, and Jim Hanrahan (Labour) with 1,007 votes.

How Lincoln voted on May 3, 2012.

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Across the UK, Labour have gained an extra 22 councils with 1,141 seats won. Conservatives lost 277 seats, leaving them with 582 seats won.

Results reactions

Lincoln Conservative Marc Jones on Labour’s landslide win:

Labour Leader Ric Metcalfe instant reaction as final results announced (apologies as the video is slightly blurry at the beginning).