February 19, 2013 11.58 am This story is over 132 months old

Sleight of Hand: Meet the 90-year-old Lincoln magician

A life of tricks: In this short documentary, Cory Marsh looks at the life of Walter Sleight, a 90-year-old magician from Lincoln, who is still entertaining people in the city.

Walter Sleight is a 90-year-old magician from Lincoln.

For this short film, Cory Marsh spent six weeks with Walter to document his life, from going to the pub and hairdressers to picking up his prescriptions.

Cory, who studied Contemporary Lens Media at the University of Lincoln, met the magician while he was working in a pub in the Bailgate, where Walter was performing magic tricks to the customers at their tables.

Cory said: “We became great friends. I think that it was important to have a friendship between us because it made him more open in the interviews, as you can see in the film.”

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