March 25, 2013 4.11 pm This story is over 111 months old

Lincolnshire tops UK road deaths statistics

Dangerous roads: Lincolnshire had the most road casualties by severity out of all the local authorities in the UK, new government data shows.

Lincolnshire had the most road casualties by severity out of all the local authorities in the UK.

The county also ranked 10th by the number of casualties by population, according to new figures released by the Department for Transport going back to 2011.

The data shows that in 2011, 254 car occupants were killed or seriously injured in Lincolnshire, the highest number since 2005.

Some 66 pedestrians were killed or seriously injured, along 36 cyclists and 111 motorcycle drivers or passengers.

There were 1,529 collisions in rural areas, while 826 were in urban areas. 71% of the injured people were male.

Most casualties and serious injured were aged between 36 and 45 followed by 16 to 20 year-olds. Only 22 were over 75.

Overall in 2011, there were 47 fatal incidents, 438 serious, 485 killed or seriously injured and 2,835 slight injuries – totalling 3,320 injured people.

The data also plots on a map where the accidents have taken place across Lincolnshire. You can use the interactive map from here.

In Lincoln, the accident hotspots appear to be on Monks Road, lower Lincoln High Street, South Park Avenue at the junction with Canwick Road, and along the A46.

Brian Thompson, Head of Highways at Lincolnshire County Council and overseeing road safety, said:

“Lincolnshire has the fourth longest road network in the UK and the majority of our roads are winding, undulating single carriageways. Consequently, national comparisons like these are interesting, but don’t necessarily give a fair reflection of road safety in Lincolnshire.

“What is important for us all to remember is that over the last ten years, the number of people who have been killed or seriously injured on our roads has fallen by half and 2012 was the lowest on record for fatalities.”