June 6, 2013 9.59 am This story is over 130 months old

Lincoln teenagers’ TV confiscated over noise disruption

Noisy neighbours: Two Lincoln teens had their electrical goods confiscated due to numerous complaints of noise from neighbours.

Two local teens had their TV and DVD player removed by the City of Lincoln Council after a number of noise complaints.

The set was confiscated at a home in Picton Street off Ruston Way by the council’s public protection and anti-social behaviour team and Lincolnshire Police, where a warrant was executed under the Environmental Protection Act.

Due to the warrant, the team was able to remove a number of electrical goods that could have led to the noice complaints by neighbours.

Neighbours complained about loud music initially during the day and in the early hours of the morning, so the council gave the resident sound recording equipment to track the noise.

Police had also been called to the property to stop the noise, but the music continued.

Sam Barstow, Public Protection and Anti-Social Behaviour Service Manager, said: “If people are causing a noise nuisance we will take action.

“This first came to our attention two months ago, and in that time we have gathered evidence, got a warrant and removed the items causing a nuisance.

“If people are disrupting the lives of their community we will take court action if necessary.”

The police will keep the items for 28 days or until the owners appeal to have them given back.

The City Council believes that the teens have been served a notice on the current property and will move somewhere else later this month.