‘No confirmed plans’ for second anti-mosque protest in Lincoln, say police

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Lincolnshire Police said there are no confirmed plans for a second anti-mosque protest in Lincoln by the East Anglian Patriots (EAP).

The group posted on its Facebook page that it is planning to organise a second protest in the city on August 17, called Lincoln Demo – The Return.

“Once again we are heading back to the city of Lincoln to give our support to locals who have had their voice and opinions silenced by the council to satisfy a hand full of muslims,” the EAP event poster says.

“The building of a mosque on the site of Old Boultham Park dairy goes against everything the locals desire or want, and again it’s another case of Islamic appeasement and furthering Islamic encroachment on British society,” the poster continued.

Lincolnshire Police Chief Superintendent Lee Freeman said: “There are no confirmed plans for a further protest by the East Anglian Patriots in Lincoln.

“Our staff will liaise with the group should they approach us with any proposals.

“We have a duty to facilitate peaceful protest, but it is important that we balance that obligation with the impact of such events on our communities.

“That balance will form the focus of any discussions we have with any groups wishing to protest in Lincoln City Centre,” Chief Superintendent Freeman added.

On June 8 around 250 anti-mosque protestors were in the Lincoln City Square area, while around 100 people took part in the counter-demonstration in Cornhill.

Both peaceful demonstrations had several people speaking for their cause, though the two groups almost clashed twice near Cornhill, where chants and shouts were exchanged.

No arrests were made at the June 8 demo.

Lincoln & District TUC, who organised the anti-racism demo in Lincoln, is also holding a public meeting on June 26 to discuss launching a broad anti-racist group locally, electing a steering committee, and discussing a further demonstration against the EAP if they return to the city.

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