October 29, 2013 3.50 pm This story is over 97 months old

Lincoln family angry as trial delays pause daughter’s recovery

Back to square one: 19 months since a Lincoln teenager was seriously injured in a car accident, court setbacks have delayed her recovery.

The family of a Lincoln teenager seriously injured in a car crash last year have spoken out as delays in the criminal case mean she has been unable to commence a specialist rehabilitation process to help with her recovery.

Louise Rember from Lincoln was severely injured on March 28 2012 when she was involved in a collision on Washingborough Road.

The 19-year-old incurred multiple serious injuries including a fractured skull and severe internal injuries requiring extensive surgery. She has been left with significant ongoing health issues as a result.

Louise is working with serious injury experts at the law firm Irwin Mitchell who say that the driver of the car that hit Louise was originally charged with driving without due care and attention and pleaded not guilty.

A trial was due to take place on April 18, 2013, but was adjourned due to the number of witnesses to be heard, as more court time was needed.

The trial was then listed to be heard on October 31, with an additional day of court time allowed. Crown Prosecution Service has now decided to drop all charges.

Serious injury experts at Irwin Mitchell are working with Louise to secure the funds needed to help with her rehabilitation, but say that due to the ‘ongoing’ status on the case, the defendant’s insurers would not release funds to help.

Stacy Clements, a specialist serious injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell representing Louise said: “The family is angry that the criminal case was delayed for so long, only for it to now be dropped completely 19 months after the crash.

“Louise needs extensive rehabilitation to help in her recovery but because of the fact that the criminal case was ongoing, the defendant insurers have so far denied all liability and won’t engage in discussions about early support for her.

“As a 19-year-old she should be enjoying her early adult years but is held back by the trauma of the crash which continues to affect her both physically and psychologically.

“She has several large scars from surgery to her knee and abdomen which have an effect on her confidence because she is conscious of how they look. She has also struggled to cope emotionally since the crash as it has had a massive impact on her life.”

Louise’s mum, Colleen Rember, said: “When we heard about the crash and Louise’s injuries we were just devastated. We were terrified at first as she needed life-saving surgery.

“We wanted to know exactly what had happened and when the police handed their case to the CPS, we were told that the other driver would be charged with careless driving and a trial was arranged for April 2013. This was then put back until October and we have spent months preparing ourselves for the day.

“To find out just two weeks before that all charges have been dropped seems like taking the easy way out. We want the circumstances of the crash to be explored in a proper trial.

“We’re angry that Louise has not been able to potentially access specialist support because of the delays in the case. It’s 19 months since the crash and we have now basically been put back at square one.”

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