November 29, 2013 10.31 am This story is over 96 months old

Lincoln graduate’s YouTube video ‘inspired’ Hunger Games producer

Inspiration: A discussion video by a Lincoln graduate inspired the producer of the Hollywood blockbuster Hunger Games.

A Lincoln graduate with a number of comedy skits on YouTube recently received a high accolade — from the producer of the Hunger Games films.

Despite the scores of talented casts he’s worked with, producer Jon Kilik said that is was actually a “kid” from Lincoln, England who inspired him “a little bit”.

That “kid” is 21-year-old Jack Howard, a University of Lincoln Media Production graduate.

On his YouTube channel, made up of short sketches and observations, Jack has 140,000 subscribers and nearly four million views.

Jon Kilik made the comment at the Filmaker Conference in New York, where he addressed various luminaries of the global movie industry.

He started his keynote speech with Jack’s video, “Is Film Dying?“, where he talks about creativity within media keeping film alive, with the rise of YouTube bringing froward more talent, gimmicks and sequels.

He said: “Studios know what makes money. Hollywood is a business, which is why there will be 20 Paranormal Activities and they will all be sh*te.”

Jack is currently working alongside another University of Lincoln graduate with a popular channel, Tom “Tomska” Ridgewell on a four part series called Project: Library.

— Update: Jack Howard responds on his YouTube Channel:

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