December 18, 2013 9.30 am This story is over 102 months old

Two-day gaming marathon helps Lincoln veterans

Gaming marathon: Gamers in Lincoln have launched the first of a series of fundraising ‘game-a-thon’s for the Lincoln-based HILT Foundation.

In an effort to support veterans of the Lincolnshire charity HILT Foundation, gamers gathered at Beech House in Lincoln to compete in a sponsored ‘game-a-thon’, lasting 48 hours.

Hosted by gamers club Forgotten Forge Games, the match, which was the first of many, attracted 40 participants and raised a total of £100 for the charity.

The variety of games on show ranged from card games such as retro Pokemon, to board games like Risk, Game of Thrones, Blood Bowl and table-top war games like Warhammer.

In addition, fundraisers took part in modern computer gaming on Xbox and Nintendo.

Photo: Robert Alexander

Photo: Robert Alexander

The event took place between December 14 and 15, 2013.

Organiser Frank Mainwaring said: “We are looking forward to hosting more events like this in 2014 in an effort to support the charity.

“We have never arranged anything like this on this scale and we are looking forward to bigger future events. We have great feedback.

“Another great thing the event achieves is putting gamers in a positive light. Often stereotypes brand them as recluses and antisocial. They are making an effort to help others and that’s great.”

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