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Lincoln musician writes his own Christmas hit

Christmas song: Watch a satirical version of the festive period, written by a Lincoln musician.

If you’re fed up of the same Christmas songs and X Factor singles dominating the chart, listen to a Lincoln resident’s own take on Christmas.

Sam Harrison is a local musician who decided to write Commercial Christmas Song last year for a songwriting competition on Siren FM.

He recorded the entire song in his bedroom, playing all the instruments himself. His efforts meant he came in second.

Since, his Christmas song gained a lot of interest, so he decided to push it one more time.

He said: “All year I’ve been getting really good feedback from the few people who heard the song, and my friend Heidi requested it at every gig she saw me play!

“When Christmas came around this year, I wanted to give a proper stab at getting it heard, so I set a date and asked a whole bunch of my Lincoln friends around for a video shoot, telling them it would involve ‘Carol singing, free booze and mince pies’.

“When the day came, a whole motley crew of people arrived at my door – this was intentional. I’d asked people to ‘dress creatively’ and when pressed ‘a bit weirdly’. I handed them each a strange instrument – we had a Sax, a clarinet, a violin and an accordion. Still, nobody had any idea what kind of madcap scheme I had in store, until I had them all together and got them to sign their video release forms.”

The group walked around the West End of Lincoln, knocking on doors “carolling”, and filming people shutting the door in their face.

Fortunately for the band, most of the residents were keen to take part, some even acting in the video.

In the end, around 30 people helped create the video.

“It’s part of what I love about Lincoln that we can ask random strangers for their help without feeling threatened,” added Harrison.

“I’m sending the video to everyone I can think of, as are the people in it, trying to make this tiny little Christmas song reach as far as it can.

“This whole project was a bit of an experiment for me – I wanted to see if I reached out to people how they would react. It turns out everyone I asked gave a whole lot of unprompted support. It’s a little video for a little song, but doing it’s given me a whole lot of faith and love for my community.”

You can download the song, or Sam’s EP Aurora, on iTunes.

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