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Introducing: Tales of RSPCA Lincolnshire

The world of animals: In the first of a series behind the doors of RSPCA Lincolnshire Mid & Lincoln Branch, Amy Clarkson dives into the world of animal devotion.

When I was only very small, about two years old, I suddenly became completely besotted with animals – no matter what shape, size or breed – I just loved them.

At the age of 21, in the summer of 2012, I decided that with my spare time and love of animals I would volunteer for the RSPCA Lincolnshire Mid & Lincoln branch with my boyfriend to walk the dogs in their care.

I have always loved dogs, but have never had one to call my own. My boyfriend has a beautiful Golden Retriever, Misty, and absolutely loves dogs.

Misty doesn’t really like going for walks, so we usually spend our time giving her cuddles instead! I have four cats of my own: three girls Misty, Poppy and Tinkerbell and one boy, Rascal.

We rescued Misty and Poppy when they were 6 months old having been left in a ditch – it took them years to finally trust us, but now after 8 years, they’ve come on leaps and bounds, although Misty is still really timid with strangers.

Rascal was also a rescue kitten whose mummy was run over when he was little more than 5 weeks old. I also have three beautiful bunnies – Dexter, Flash and Lillie.

All three bunnies are rescue bunnies from the branch – Dexter and Flash being found abandoned and Lillie was my boyfriend’s first ‘foster bunny’.

As well as the animals of my own, I go horse riding every week, which I absolutely love.

When I volunteered for dog walking, it was a decision I made on a whim. My boyfriend was more than happy to walk the dogs with me, especially as we never really walked his own.

Within a week, myself and my boyfriend went to the kennels and were walking twelve dogs between us.

You could see from the dogs’ faces on their walks that they truly appreciated it and, if they could, they would have told you.  It was definitely ‘my idea’ to start with, but it very quickly became something we were both really involved in.

The following February, the branch administrator, Charlotte, e-mailed me asking if I would be interested in volunteering with fundraising. I said yes.

A few weeks later, I sat down with the newly formed Fundraising Team, and off we went.

On April 7, 2013, the RSPCA Lincs Mid & Lincoln team took to the Lincoln 10k and between us raised over £400 – this was to be the start of our fundraising success. I then joined the branch committee as a trustee in June 2013, and never looked back.

The furbabies all have their own story to tell, and whatever we can do to help them – however big or small – is definitely worth something for them.

There is so much I can say about our animals, about our branch and about our fantastic team. Until next time…

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Amy Clarkson is an animal lover and the Chair to Fundraising Team at the RSPCA Lincolnshire Mid & Lincoln Branch.