January 15, 2014 9.47 am This story is over 118 months old

Lincoln students told to ‘shush’ at night

Silent night: A new campaign has been launched in Lincoln, reminding students to be quiet when returning from a night out.

A new campaign has been launched in Lincoln reminding university students to keep noise to a minimum when returning from a night out.

Purple wristbands with the words “Shush – Let’s Make it a Silent Night” will be given to youths not living on campus at the University of Lincoln.

The bands will allow the wearers queue jump priority at certain night spots for a limited time, and there will be other special offers and benefits throughout the year.

The scheme has been created to reinforce the message that students and partygoers should return home quietly at night so they don’t wake up anyone living along the route.

The wristbands are being made available at the Students Union’s January Fair, taking place on Wednesday January 15, at the University of Lincoln, and up until the end of January from the Students Union office.

A number of partners have joined together on the project, including the University of Lincoln Students’ Union, University of Lincoln, City of Lincoln Council, Lincoln BIG, Lincoln Street Pastors and Lincolnshire Police.

Brian Alcorn, Vice President for Welfare and Community at the University of Lincoln Students’ Union, said: “The Students’ Union is committed to playing our part in this endeavour.

“I feel that this new approach to the Shush campaign, through distributing wristbands, will serve as a long-lasting reminder to revellers travelling to and from the city centre through residential areas to be conscious of their neighbours, who may be sleeping.

“Working with the night-time entertainment venues is a step in the right direction and in my view will make the campaign more effective, and once the campaign gets off the ground and as we move forwards together, I feel that the incidence of anti-social behaviour will reduce in time.”

Sam Barstow, Public Protection and Anti-Social Behaviour Team Manager at the city council, said: “The Shush campaign forms a part of a wider package of interventions aimed at tackling noise nuisance across the city.

“We know that a proportion of noise complaints are caused by those visiting the city centre in the evening and returning back home, with little regard for their neighbours and local residents.

“It is important that campaigns such as these exist in order to try to educate people and create understanding in local communities.

“It is also important the partners act on complaints when they are received and I would like to reassure residents that the city council, in conjunction with the police and the university, are doing all they can to identify and tackle offenders.”

Marion Cooney, Evening Economy Manager for Lincoln BIG, said: “Lincoln BIG and the night time economy venues work hard together to offer both safe and enjoyable nights out, for not only students but for local young residents too.”

Sandra Lewis, Treasurer of West End Residents’ Association, said: “I think this is a good idea. We are pleased the council, Students Union and university are taking this seriously.”

A police spokeswoman said: “We want students to enjoy their nights out but to do so with respect for the communities within which they live.

“The majority of students do not want to cause any irritation or distress to local people but might not realise how loud they can be in the early hours of the morning.

“Shush is a campaign that has been used effectively in the past and has been very successful in reducing complaints.”