January 30, 2014 12.08 pm This story is over 101 months old

Wet weather delays Hartsholme White Bridge again

More delays: White Bridge in Hartsholme Country Park is being delayed due to rainfall and waterlogged ground.

Work on White Bridge at Hartsholme Country Park in Lincoln has been delayed again due to wet weather.

Rainfall has caused the ground to become too waterlogged for contractors to safely manoeuvre the heavy machinery needed to lift the bridge sections into place.

This also meant a few days’ progress were lost due to heavy rain making it unsafe for engineers to work.

Contractors installed two-thirds of the bridge so far, with the first sections of the bridge being complete on the south-eastern bank.

Alan Brookfield, Project Manager at City of Lincoln Council, said: “Bearing in mind the time of year we have always said that progress on site is weather dependent.

“Several days have been lost since the beginning of January as it has not been safe to continue working safely from the boat or the partially installed bridge.

“However, good progress has been made so far and, although we are disappointed by the further delay, the work is of a high standard and we are looking forward to seeing the bridge ready for residents and visitors to enjoy.

“We will do everything possible to complete the work as quickly as we can.”

The council hopes for the bridge to be complete by February 14, with extras such as surface coatings finished by February 21 — again subject to weather.

The previous bridge was removed in July 2012 after it was found to be structurally unsafe for visitors to use.

Workers resumed work on the bridge on November 18. Photo: Ruth Holland

Workers resumed work on the bridge on November 18. Photo: Ruth Holland