June 24, 2014 10.32 am This story is over 90 months old

Lincolnshire Police warn pet owners of rehoming dangers

Pet precautions: Lincolnshire Police are warning people wishing to rehome their pets to take precautions after a rescue dog was recently sold on for profit.

Lincolnshire Police are warning people wishing to rehome their pets to take precautions after a rehomed dog was recently sold on for profit.

Police say that the issue is commonplace on social media, where pets owners wish to rehome their dogs and other animals.

They relate to an incident where a dog was handed over to a new owner for free and was later found to have been sold on.

In addition, they say anyone who can no longer look after their pets should first contact local rehoming charities.

As well as offering a sample contract to download for potential new pet owners for anyone registered to Lincolnshire Alert, officers suggested the following precautions should be taken to ensure a genuine home is being offered:

  • Ensure the person visits at least twice to view the animals, this ensures that decisions to take the animal are not taken ‘on the spur of the moment’
  • Ensure any other pets are introduced to the animal to ensure they are compatible
  • Check the home address of the person taking the animal to ensure it is suitable, any genuine person will not object to this request; it is what rehoming charities do anyway
  • Try to have a written contract between you and the person taking the pet outlining under what agreement they are rehoming the animal, a sample is attached to this email
  • Always advertise the animal for a price i.e. £250.00 this will ensure that unscrupulous persons are not getting a free animal which they can then sell on and make a profit. You can either donate the money to a charity or refund at a later date once you are satisfied that their intentions are genuine.
  • Make sure that any microchip details are updated to show the new owners details, this will ensure that you are not held liable for any future dealings with the animal

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