Watch it go down: Bracebridge Heath water tower demolition

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A water tower at a former asylum near Lincoln has been demolished to make way for new luxury homes.

The £40 million development in Bracebridge Heath, near Lincoln, will see the former Lindsey & Holland Counties & Lincoln & District Lunatic Asylum (given the name St John’s in the early 60s) transformed into 183 luxury homes.

The first phase of the St John’s Village project is currently underway and the 90-year-old tower was taken out by developers Mebec.

Photo: Cartwright Communications

Photo: Cartwright Communications

Rob Rickels managed to film the demolition. He has been a resident in Bracebridge Heath for 12 years.

He said: “It was very sad to see the tower go and I know there was a lot of local opposition to it, but it wasn’t it a very good state and did hinder the development as a whole.

“I think Mabec are doing a very sympathetic job to what was, and will be again, a very beautiful building.

“There are many parts which are only a few years away from crumbling away completely and I firmly believe that if Mabec were not here renovating and restoring the building there would be a chance it’s too far gone to save.

“I’m pleased it’s not just being flattened to make way for another non-descript housing estate.

“The tower, although iconic, was not original and not listed – plus it would have ended up in someone’s back garden.

“It would also have taken a lot of money to maintain it so it was for the best all round that it came down. Sad to see it go, but a great event to watch.”