July 14, 2014 2.00 pm This story is over 89 months old

Local children inspired to play at Lincoln Busking Festival

Inspired: There young children decided to make their own busking band when they visited the Bailgate Busking Festival at the weekend.

After viewing a number of acts at Lincoln’s Bailgate Busking Festival, three Lincolnshire children decided to give it a go themselves, with the support of locals.

Adam, Jacob and Harry Flinders, ages six, four and three, from Fenton were so inspired by the acts around Castle Hill on July 12 that they decided there and then to form their own band.

Lauren Flinders, mum to Jacob and Harry, explains: “They played their mouth organs and used sticks to play the drain pipes – attracting quite a crowd who clapped, took photographs, encouraged them and put money into their hat.

“‘We’re setting up a band. It’s ok, you can stay over there,’ were the words of a very independent 6 year old!”

All three are particularly interested in music, and like to raid their parents’ CD collections or listen to new music on Spotify.

Lauren added: “We love live music and took them to their first festival last year, Beautiful Days, in Devon which they thought was fantastic. We are going back again in August, as most live music have age limits or are on too late.”

After their little performance, the group managed to make £12 from those passing by.

“The whole family are really proud of their initiative and courage it took to perform and I hope this inspires other parents to support and encourage their budding musicians, however young they may be!”

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