Lincoln has a finalist for Britain’s Sexiest Farmer 2015

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A young man from Wragby near Lincoln has made the final cut to be the sexiest farmer in Britain this year.

George Grant, 20, was nominated by his girlfriend, Lucy, and is now in the top five for Farmers Weekly’s Sexiest Farmer 2015.

When asked in his profile why farming is the sexiest career in the world he replied, “It is a physical, tough job, it’s just so rugged.”

George is one of the youngest of the final five male candidates, and even though he was nominated by his girlfriend, he has jumped on the bandwagon.

He lives the life of an arable farmer and sugar beet contractor in Lincolnshire and has described himself as enthusiastic, sociable and entertaining.

His girlfriend described him as having a chiselled jawline and chiselled six pack, with a caring funny personality – the full package.

George Grant from Lincoln: Finalist for Britain's Sexiest Farmer 2015

George Grant from Lincoln: Finalist for Britain’s Sexiest Farmer 2015

In his spare time, George is a stalwart of Wragby YFC. He says that despite the stick he will get from his mates, he’s really keen to be involved in this competition and spread the word that agriculture is a sexy industry.

TV’s Gok Wan from How to Look Good Naked has been brought in to give his opinion on some of the finalists.

Gok said: “George clearly keeps himself in shape and I love his style. Look at that cheeky smile.”

Readers of Farmers Weekly will be able to pick the winners in a free public vote which closes January 30.

If you want to vote for your local sexy farmer, visit the Farmers Weekly website.