Planning for emergency: Lincoln city centre evacuation ready

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Residents, visitors and businesses in Lincoln are being assured that the city centre’s contingency plans in the event of a major emergency will stand up to the test.

The Lincoln City Centre Evacuation Plan has been compiled in order to set out procedures to deal with incidents including severe weather, flooding, chemical incidents and major fires.

The plan, drawn up by the City of Lincoln Council and partners including Lincolnshire Police and Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue, covers areas of the city in 27 zones.

Letters have been sent to city centre residents, explaining that, while there is no immediate threat or risk for Lincoln, partners are required to have robust arrangements in place.

The Lincoln evacuation zoning system. Click to enlarge.

The Lincoln evacuation zoning system. Click to enlarge.

The city centre is zoned to ensure that only the areas affected by an incident are evacuated.

The plan explains how the team would clear an area, where people would be directed to and what will happen when the period of evacuation ends.

If there is a need to evacuate, details will be posted on social media and local news outlets such as The Lincolnite and it will be handled by police.

Mobile phone users can register for a free text message service by submitting name, address and mobile phone number to [email protected] In the event of a zone evacuation, those registered will be notified by text.

Ian Reed, Deputy Head of Emergency Planning at the City of Lincoln Council, said: “The emergency planning unit are very pleased to have been involved in this important piece of public information work.

“Whilst we all hope that this never has to be enacted, it is important that people are aware that plans are in place and that they know what to do if they have to be implemented.

“This particular project has enabled planners to look at the city and decide on the best way to evacuate all or parts of it in a timely and safe manner.”

In the run up to the city’s biggest summer events the Lincoln Business Improvement Group is advising firms in the city of the plans.

Lincoln BIG Chief Executive Matt Corrigan said: “As a fast-expanding city, which is attracting more visitors, students and businesses of all sizes, it is important to have robust arrangements in place in case Lincoln faces a major emergency.

“The city centre evacuation plan clearly sets out how the emergency services will respond to incidents which may crop up as a result of a flood, fire or other unforeseen occurrence.

“It outlines what would happen should all of the city need to be evacuated but, because the city centre has been zoned, it is also tailored to deal with incidents only affecting a certain part of the city.”

“The information is in no way designed to be alarmist, but part of the ongoing efforts to be proactive and plan for all eventualities.”

Businesses can find out more about how to prepare for an emergency, and inform staff of evacuation plans here.