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Unified Lincolnshire emergency services plan off the ground

Blue light integration: Initial talks are underway to potentially merge the control centres and resources of police, fire and rescue and ambulance services in Lincolnshire.

Initial talks are underway to potentially merge the control centres and resources of police, fire and rescue and ambulance services in Lincolnshire.

In a scheme dubbed the Blue Light Integration Project, emergency service chiefs are working closely to consider collaboration benefits, including the introduction of a tri-service Lincoln base.

Options on the table include co-location in an ambulance station, police station or one of the county’s 38 fire stations.

In the latest Lincolnshire Police quarterly update, Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Hardwick outlined the key areas being explored.

Included in the proposals is the co-location of Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue’s command and support team to Lincolnshire Police Headquarters in Nettleham.

Also being considered is the opportunity to create a ‘Blue Light Campus’ at Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue ‘s South Park Headquarters in Lincoln.

Dave Ramscar, chief fire officer at Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue, said: “I can confirm that we are in initial talks with Lincolnshire Police and EMAS surrounding increased collaboration and potential integration, and this includes looking at opportunities to share facilities.

“This could potentially include co-locating in an ambulance station, police station or alternatively, we could share our 38 stations located across the county, as well as our Headquarters at South Park.

“We continue to operate in times of significant financial challenges, and as such we need to be more dynamic with the resources available.

“We already work closely together – so this is really the next natural step. We need to continue to deliver the best services possible to the people of Lincolnshire.

“I must stress, however, that we are in the very early stages of these discussions, and, as such, no formal proposals or decisions have been made.”

A spokesperson for EMAS added: “We work in close collaboration with our emergency service partners in Lincolnshire and this includes considering opportunities for co-location.

“We can confirm that we are at an early stage of scoping out the possibilities; but no formal decisions have been made as yet.”

A Lincolnshire Police spokesperson said: “It is extremely early in the planning but issues have been discussed such as the feasibility of a combined administrative headquarters – perhaps at Nettleham; an operational base perhaps at South Park, as well as a combined control room and call centre for the despatch of resources to incidents.

“This is a complex concept and one, should all or any part of it be considered feasible, which would take a considerable time to fully implement. As discussions progress, staff associations will be consulted and public announcements will be made if there is any likelihood of the plans being implemented.

“The overarching principle will be to improve the service we provide to Lincolnshire.”

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