Iconic image signed by Dambusters hero on sale for Lincoln causes

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A series of iconic prints are being sold by a Lincolnshire fundraising team to help local causes including the International Bomber Command Centre on Canwick Hill.

Some 250 copies have been made of composite image “The Three Sisters”, by photographer Keith Campbell, featuring Canadian Lancaster ‘Vera’, RAF AVRO Lancaster ‘Thumper’ and the AVRO Vulcan at RAF Waddington in 2014.

The prints are of a copy signed by Lancaster and crew members as well as the last remaining British Dambuster George ‘Johnny’ Johnson.

After the picture was donated to the local Cooke and Connell Fundraising team, charities and causes have been lined up to benefit.

So far one copy has been donated to Westgate Academy to raise funds for the children and two copies have been donated to raise funds for the Lincoln Mayor’s charity –LIVES.

Also on the list of causes is the ongoing build of the International Bomber Command Centre in Lincoln.

The site, which is central to the 27 bases that earned the title of Bomber County will stand as a memorial and commemoration for the men of the Bomber Command.

The International Bomber Command Centre is an ongoing project on Canwick Hill.

The International Bomber Command Centre is an ongoing project on Canwick Hill.

Barber Frank Connell, from Cooke and Connell Fundraisers, said: “We are selling the prints at £35 each and allocating a number of good causes.

“We have already managed to raise enough money to buy a wheelchair for a local woman.

“Joe Cooke and I met up about 30 years ago, he was a customer of mine and we came up with a number of fundraising ideas.

“This picture is extremely special. There will not be another like it. With the aircrafts falling out of commission it is unlikely that they will be in the same place again.

“There are 250 prints available and anyone interested in purchasing one can either get in touch with me by calling my Burton Road Barber Shop on 01522 527696.”

The group also noted the sad news that the last surviving Dambusters pilot Les Monroe died at the age of 96 this week.

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