More motorists speak out against parking tickets at Lincoln car park

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Fuming motorists in Lincoln have described their anger at receiving parking charges from a city centre retail car park, which they claim are unjustified.

As previously reported, Lincoln driver Simone Riley-Young has requested the cancellation of a ticket issued to her by private company UK Parking Control (UKPC) after claiming that she was in bed when she supposedly drove into the Tritton Retail Park in July.

Since then, The Lincolnite has received a number of reports of similar charges at the same car park.

Leading the complaints is 27-year-old Matt Treacy, who runs a computer repair and web design business in the city.

Matt said that he arrived at the Tritton Retail Park at approximately 3.15pm on Saturday, August 22, parking in a space adjacent to the one in which Simone received a ticket a month earlier.

When he returned to his car, he found a ticket, time-stamped with 4.18pm. The charge said that Matt arrived at the car park at 2.06pm, something he argues was impossible.

The car timestamped at 2.06pm

The car timestamped at 2.06pm

The car timestamped at 4.21pm

The car timestamped at 4.21pm

He said: “I have four independent sources to show the vehicle’s whereabouts that prove it could not possibly have been in the car park at 2:06pm.

“I’m incredibly annoyed. The photographs clearly are taken moments apart, the vehicle to my right was there in two pictures taken hours apart, then disappeared instantly in the next.”

Matt has appealed to various organisations such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, Trading Standards, Parking on Private Land Appeals (POPLA) and the British Parking Association, all without success.

He now intends to acquire CCTV evidence for his defence and report the alleged crime to Lincolnshire Police.

He added: “I also intend to wait for the parking warden to arrive at some point so I can see what he’s using to take his evidence.

“I will be purchasing a time locked 360 recording dash cam in the near future to record incidents like this.

“I will also be writing and providing evidence to all the retail outlets and the company that owns this entire retail park to insist they push UKPC out of their car park.

“I now make it my goal to always park in the exact same place when I visit that car park.

“My intention is not just to resolve it but to haul them over the coals. If the people responsible don’t at least lose their jobs justice has not been served.”

Matt is currently awaiting a response from UKPC to his appeal.

He has also set up a Facebook group, and is encouraging other Lincoln motorists to share their experiences.

The location of where the tickets were issued. Matt is marked with a green cross and Simone with a red one

The location of where the tickets were issued. Matt is marked with a green cross and Simone with a red one

A husband and wife couple, who wish to remain anonymous, also claim to have experienced the same problems at the car park on Sunday, August 23.

The two say they left their house at just after 12.30pm, parking outside HomeSense in the car park.

The couple walked to the Brayford to look at the 1940s event with their baby boy, returning to their car at 2.30pm to find that it had also been ticketed.

The car timestamped at 12.05pm

The car timestamped at 12.05pm

The car timestamped at 2.20pm

The car timestamped at 2.20pm

They said: “We returned to the car at 2.30pm to find a ticket, stating it had first been seen there at 12.05pm. We hadn’t even left the house then!

“In the photos, the shadow at the bumper is in the same place on both, and the two cars parked either side are the same cars in both.

“We appealed immediately, and received an email confirming they had received it, but have heard nothing since.”

UKPC have been contacted by The Lincolnite regarding both cases, but have failed to respond.