Over 65,000 people sign Lincoln woman’s petition against BBC’s Jeremy Corbyn coverage

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A Lincoln woman who set up a petition criticising the BBC’s coverage of new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has received the support of over 65,000 other people nationwide.

Labour Party member Amanda Drury has called for the broadcaster to refer to David Cameron as the “right-wing Prime Minister” in response to her claims that the corporation continuously describes Corbyn as left-wing in its news reports.

She said: “Every time Jeremy Corbyn is mentioned in a news report on the BBC he is referred to as ‘the left-wing Labour Party leader’.

“In the interest of fairness and un-biased reporting, David Cameron should also be referred to in terms of his place on the political spectrum – ‘the right-wing Prime Minister.'”

Her campaign has been backed by another 65,700 individuals, with many explaining their reasons for signing the petition.

Jeanette Wood from Lincoln said: “I am tired of the clear political bias of the BBC. The BBC isn’t paid for by the Tory Party but rather by the public and has a responsibility to provide balance.”

Jane Davies from Waddington added: “Fairness and equality the cornerstones of democracy are being eroded, shame on you BBC.”

Joshua Leek, another Lincoln resident, simply said: “I’m tired of media bias.”

A spokesperson for the BBC said in a statement: “Our journalists use descriptions of different political leanings to help the audience’s understanding or where there is a specific editorial justification.

“Mr Corbyn was to the left of the other candidates and now he has been elected it is fair and accurate to say the Labour leadership is more to the left, or more ‘left wing’ than before. We do not use such labels in every instance, but we have taken a similar approach with the different political shades of other parties.”