Paranormal enthusiasts aim to reveal Lincoln’s mysterious and haunted past

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A group of Lincoln paranormal enthusiasts have started an ambitious project to document supernatural activity in the county over the last 1,000 years.

Paranormal Lincs was formed in 2003 and currently has 13 members, including two world-record deep sea divers, three mediums, a counsellor and a printer.

Their latest project, ‘Lincoln 1000’, has seen them embark on rewriting and updating the list of the most paranormally active places in and around the city.

So far, the group has visited a number of sites and venues, but has said that their findings are “confidential” at this stage.

However, the group has revealed that the Green Dragon pub on Waterside North is one of the most paranormally active places in the city.

Similarly, the Charles 1st coffee house in Newark-on-Trent in Nottinghamshire has been identified by the group as a place which has been “very active” with paranormal activity.

Founder Paul Drake, who lives in Stow, said that his interest in paranormal activity goes back many years.

He said: “We started this project back in January 2015 and up to now we have had 350 investigations come in to us. But we are looking for more.

“Every investigation has its rewards. Most venues and findings are confidential but we are compiling a new list of sites we can talk about.”

Paranormal events are defined as being beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding or experience.

Paul added that their investigations often begin by people contacting them with tips and hints on places that may be haunted.

He said: “The first critical thing is to not think of a place being haunted until you have looked at all that could be normal. Sometimes just the looks of an old building can make you think it is active.

“Normally people contact us via email and ask us to take a look at a venue. We then go for a first investigation to see how the venue feels.

“Our second investigation is to find out where to place our equipment and do a full investigation. Then we move to a third investigation to check our findings and debunk as much as we can.

“Only then do we say if a venue is active or not.

Paranormal Lincs is for the people and history of Lincolnshire. We are a not for profit group and do not charge for the service we proudly provide.”

The group is closed to new members at present, but occasionally invites guests to join.

To get in touch with the group, email [email protected]

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