Child made to apologise after aiming laser at air ambulance

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A child has learnt a lesson in the dangers of lasers after police identified him as the culprit of an alarming air ambulance incident.

As previously reported, an air ambulance was dazzled by a laser in the Witham St Hughs area on Sunday, October 4, sparking a police warning.

Officers now say the culprit has been identified as a child and the laser has been confiscated to be disposed of and “given suitable words of advice”.

He is also said to be writing a letter of apology.

A police spokesperson said earlier: “It is not only extremely dangerous but is also a criminal offence. It can dazzle or distract a pilot and can prove a considerable threat to safety.

“These devices are not toys and we would like to remind people of the seriousness of shining them at an aircraft.”