Christmas saved as Santa released on bail by Lincoln judge

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A generous judge has ensured that Santa will be able to spread his festive cheer as normal in Lincoln this Christmas, after releasing him from jail.

A concerned Santa arrived at Sessions House Courtroom on December 17 for the hearing, having being detained for the whole of 2015.

Lincoln College students listened to details of Santa’s alleged crimes which include 200,000 counts of burglary and driving under the influence of alcohol.

Students debating whether to release Santa

Students debating whether to release Santa

Law students formed the defence and prosecution teams, with both teams putting forward valid arguments for whether or not Santa would be allowed bail in order to deliver presents this Christmas.

A number of key witnesses were called to the stand, including Ms E Bunny, Miss T Fairy and arresting officer PC Bells.

Key witness and Santa’s elf, Elvish Presley said: “Santa has always been a fantastic employer and a caring man; it is not fair that his livelihood is being brought into question.

“Every time I have felt a bit snowed under with the workload or suffered with a bout of tinselitis, Santa has been very supportive. Does that sound like a thug to you?”

Officer PC Bells arrested Santa on Christmas Eve in 2014 and gave evidence to the prosecution.

He said: “Maybe he’s a dancer or prancer, I’d say he’s a chancer. We should all – Santa – pause for a minute and look at who are dealing with here.

“There’s no doubt he is frosty character, I’m not surprised he’s Saint Nicked!”

Judge Hilton Spratt delivering his verdict

Judge Hilton Spratt delivering his verdict

Law lecturer Hilton Spratt, in delivering his verdict, said: “I think that bail on this occasion is appropriate; Santa will be released on Christmas Eve to fulfil his duties and must return to Lincoln Police Station at 11am on Christmas Day.

“The conditions of this bail are that Santa is to ensure that only the Elvish Presley drives the sleigh and that he checks in with the British Embassy in every country on his travels.

“I am most pleased that Christmas can proceed as normal and feel that the justice system has worked in the interest of the public on this case.”

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