January 29, 2016 11.33 am This story is over 94 months old

Lincolnshire RAF personnel get training to respond to road collisions

Valuable skills: RAF personnel are to receive training on how to deal with collisions on Lincolnshire’s roads.

More trained emergency responders will be at hand to deal with collisions on Lincolnshire’s roads thanks to a new course taught by the Station Fire Officer at RAF Coningsby.

Flight Sergeant Price, has conducted enhanced fire training at the Lincolnshire air base, to include road traffic collision awareness training in response to high numbers of incidents on the county’s roads.

Some of the senior managers have been acting as students to see how the new course will take shape.

Photo: RAF Coningsby

Photo: RAF Coningsby

The training covers a wide range of aspects including; basic understanding of hazardous vehicle materials and first aid aspects specific to the scene.

The students were then given a demonstration and an opportunity to practise their skills on a carefully crafted “crash scene” outside the fire section.

The valuable training added another capability that will help to protect personnel and enable them to assist if they are ever first on scene at a collision.

Flight Sergeant Price said: “Sadly, it is a statistic that the roads in Lincolnshire have a high number of Road Traffic Collisions (RTCs).

“With this training, I want to give our personnel an insight into how they can assist at an RTC, even in a small way, to ensure that those involved and anyone stopping to help is kept safe until the Emergency Services arrive.

“Many of our personnel travel from different parts of the county, so this knowledge is another way the personnel at Royal Air Force Coningsby can assist our local communities, if they ever come across a collision.”

The senior managers taking part in the training were, Wing Commander Smiley, Officer Commanding Operations Wing, Wing Commander Tillyard, Officer Commanding Engineering and Logistic Wing, Wing Commander Spencer-Thomas, Officer Commanding Base Support Wing and Squadron Leader Millikin, Officer Commanding Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.

The new course will be added to the annual fire training that personnel receive to ensure that their fire safety standards are maintained.