Fifth sperm whale washes up on Lincolnshire beach

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A fifth sperm whale has been washed up on beach in Lincolnshire, with warnings to members of the public to not approach the mammals.

The whale has been beached at Wainfleet Marshes, a former bombing range.

Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust said: “We recommend that nobody attempts to see this whale.

“There is no public access to the area and it is extremely dangerous with tidal creeks and the potential for unexploded ordinance. Many of the lanes to the marshes are private and not accessible.”

Photo: Mike Halliday 2016

Photo: Mike Halliday 2016

Huge crowds have gone to see the 45ft sperm whales found on the sand in nearby Skegness and marine biologists have been conducting autopsies throughout the day.

Some eyewitnesses claimed to have seen one of the whales ‘explode’ during examination, although this has now been confirmed not to be the case.

Graffiti has also appeared on the whales, with the words “man’s fault”, “Fukushima”, and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament peace symbol being written on the mammals.

Photo: Mike Halliday 2016

Photo: Mike Halliday 2016

A spokesperson for East Lindsey District Council said: “The council has well rehearsed plans for dealing with such situations, having dealt with a number of strandings in recent years, the most recent being in 2012, when a sperm whale weighing around 30 tonnes was beached just north of Skegness Pier.

“Whilst it is understandable that people wish to view the whales, those doing so are asked to not go through the cordon to touch them.

“The council will dispose of their bodies as soon as the relevant permissions are in place.”

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