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Lincolnshire woman calls for reduced speeds on dangerous road

Safety campaign: A Lincolnshire grandmother has vowed to make a stretch of road safer through her campaign.

A Lincolnshire grandmother “frightened to death” by a notorious stretch of road south of Lincoln has vowed to make it safer for motorists and residents through her determined campaign.

A number of serious incidents have occurred on the B1188 between Metheringham and Dunston and villagers say crashes occur on an almost weekly basis.

This week, a bend known as Waynham Hollow claimed the life of a 77-year-old Lincolnshire woman who was the passenger in a car involved in a collision with a lorry.

Yvonne Bayliss, who lives in a bungalow at Dunston Top, started the petition because of difficulties she found crossing the road on her mobility scooter to head into either Dunston or Metheringham.

The final straw for 66-year-old Yvonne, who has lived with the effects of polio from childhood, was when a “lunatic” was overtaking on the brow of the hill, while she was in the middle of the road.

Yvonne is campaigning for better vision from the junctions, white lines to discourage motorists from overtaking, signs at the bottom of the hollow warning of the bend, a speed camera at the top of the hill, and a reduction in the speed limit from 50 to 40mph.

Hundreds of villagers have supported her efforts over the past six months, with 411 residents signing her petition.

She said: “I go into Dunston and Metheringham on my ‘go kart’ and do not want to lose this bit of independence I have.

“It is getting nigh on impossible to cross the road from Dunston Top to Dunston village. I don’t get enough time from when I see the traffic on the bend to cross the road and I’m there in the middle of the road.

“There are not enough warning signs for motorists at this junction. They need to be made aware that people will pull out from Dunston onto the B1188 and that when they pull out they’re going on a slight incline and not going as fast as the traffic that’s coming up.

“I have offered to put up a sign myself saying old lady crossing the road in a wheelchair but the council won’t let me.

“The speed limit through Metheringham, which is a long straight, is 40mph. When you get to Dunston where the bends are, it’s 50mph. I don’t understand the logic.

“When I first decided to do something about the junction it was for myself, not for the village. I’ve got the backing of the church, the nursery, the playgroup and the pub.

“I’ve got three grandchildren under the age of nine and I’d like to live a bit longer.”

Following the fatal crash on Monday, January 11, readers left their thoughts on the safety of the road on The Lincolnite Facebook page.

Leanne Packwood said: “It’s not so much the speed limit, it’s the fact that drivers do not drive to the conditions of that corner.

“It is a deceptively tight one, and slippery when wet. Even a reduction to 40mph on that stretch wouldn’t be slow enough.

“People just don’t judge that corner accurately enough – perhaps other signage would be more appropriate. There are always far too many accidents there.”

Christopher Morrell said: “Speed has everything to do with it especially at that bend. That particular bend needs to be 30mph max.”

Kevin Bishop disagreed, saying: “An easy take it at 50. Just learn to read the road and pay attention. Hundreds of cars use it everyday at 50 so it’s not that at fault.”

Jane Rimmer argued that speed cameras were necessary on that stretch of road.

She said: “Speed limits are useless unless backed up with cameras, sadly. I live on Doddington Road in Lincoln which is 30 mph, but after dark cars often go at 60mph or more.”

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