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‘Ghost’ caught on camera, claims Lincoln Cathedral visitor

Ghost or illusion?: A Lincoln Cathedral tourist claims he has captured a ghost as it darts spookily across the heights of the building.

Paranormal investigators may well be jumping with excitement after a creeped out Lincoln Cathedral tourist claimed he videoed a ghost darting across the heights of the building.

IT engineer Paul Jackson, 46, from Lincoln is no stranger to filming fast moving subjects with his video hobby usually focussing on the county’s aviation events.

His latest footage taken during a roof top cathedral tour with his son however filled him with dread when he realised he’d filmed a spectre-like object.

Paul said: “For a while I’ve been into creating videos for Youtube, my main hobby is filming aviation around the county or when I go metal detecting and anything else creative.

“I decided it would be great to put together a short video of Lincoln Cathedral and booked ourselves on a roof tour.

“We went on the tour in February and tonight I decided to put the footage together and while checking each clip happened to notice something pass across the Willis Organ.

“I then zoomed in with my video editing software and cannot explain what it is, this ‘object’ appears to climb the wall of one of the south facing towers then pass across the Willis Organ then behind the red flag and illuminate the wall and disappear.

“While we were up there I never noticed anything at all until I watch the footage tonight.

“I’ve always been sceptical about paranormal goings on but I cannot explain this.”

Paul’s Youtube video has already been viewed more than 1,000 times, with many hazarding their own guesses at what would explain the strange object.

Have you ever experienced ghostly goings on at Lincoln Cathedral or another part of the city?

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