Council investigates video of Lincolnshire traffic warden parked in loading bay

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An investigation is underway after a traffic warden was caught on camera by a belligerent member of the public pulling up in a loading bay to buy herself a snack.

The bizarre incident and commentary was provided by local man Dale Clark, who filmed the dispute in Ingoldmells at around midday on Friday, April 15.

Dale posted on Facebook his encounter with the woman, who is believed to be from Lincoln and an employee of APCOA Parking Ltd.

The post has now gone viral, being shared over 1,000 times and viewed 80,000 times, with comments both defending and criticising the warden.

At the start of the video, Dale asks the warden: “Are you on a permitted break? Are you allowed to shop while you’re meant to be working, my dear?

“This will be sent to the council as you’re persecuting us. I feel like the Jews being persecuted.”

Later in the video as the warden comes out of shop, Dale confronts her, claiming that he is “a small businessman trying to survive.”

He also films a lorry allegedly trying to park in the loading bay, but unable to do so due to the warden’s car.

Dale ends by asking her: “This is a loading bay and you are parked in it. Have you got any comment to say when I send this to your superior, my dear?”

The parking warden does not comment throughout the video, and ignores Dale’s continued questions and remarks.

Lincolnshire County Council has admitted that its contractor had not actually seen the footage, but is now investigating the incident.

APCOA has also been contacted for a statement.

— Correction: An earlier version of this story named Glenn Price as the man in the video. Dale Clark actually captured and can be heard in the video, and this has been reflected throughout.