Shock as dead dogs are dumped in Lincolnshire recycling bins

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Two dead dogs have been discovered at a recycling plant after being dumped in bins in Lincolnshire.

An Alsatian and a Terrier Cross were taken from kerbside recycling bins in the Grantham area to the Material’s Recycling Facility (MRF) in Caythorpe where half of the county’s recycling is taken for sorting. The animals were then discovered by staff on the picking lines.

Lincolnshire County Council said several other animals were found in the same week. Now the county’s recycling officers are urging residents to take departed pets to a registered vet instead.

Ross Booth, account manager at Mid UK Recycling, said: “The initial feeling from our staff was shock, shortly followed by distress at what they had found. This is obviously not what they would or should expect to find and have to deal with.

“Having found one unfortunate dog in the morning, the distress was accentuated when a second was found within hours.

“In the same week, we also had a chicken, two ducks, a pigeon and a deer’s leg – all from recycling bins in the South Kesteven area.

“With serious contamination issues like this, we will start to look for clues as to where the load has come from and work with the local authorities to resolve it.”

Councillor Reg Shore, Executive Member for Waste and Recycling at Lincolnshire County Council, added: “This is unbelievable, I am deeply saddened to hear of it and it isn’t acceptable under any circumstances.

“This shows a total disregard for the animal, recycling and the people who have to deal with this.

“However, I must stress that this problem is caused by an inconsiderate, tiny minority as virtually all residents in the wider Grantham area understand green issues and are extremely supportive of good recycling.”

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